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Taxes and Death

Taxes and Death, or Your Work Ethic Is Killing Us All This started as a rant while I was writing to my accountant about something stupid. I kept it in the form of a monologue directed at him because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why not. Apologies to folks who find finance and accounting fascinating - I think your skills could be used for good, it’s just a matter of recovery. Honestly I don’t mind paying taxes AT ALL, it’s all this attention demanding bullshit and subterfuge that no-one (who doesn’t want to) should ever waste precious time and consciousness on. Read more...

Finding a way to co-operate with myself, Part 1

I came home to see if I could clear my head and solve some problems. Some context: I have an in-progress herniation (degenerative disc disease - not uncommon) which has been a problem for me since my early 20s. After a couple of minor crises (in retrospect at least; at the time, my life was even more chaotic and I didn’t think in those terms) it settled for a few years, and then in 2014 knocked me on my ass literally. Read more...

Hallo Weld

I am in Berlin. Toronto is a great city, but North America is shooting itself in the face daily. The plague escalates while the world continues to try to act like we’re coming out the other side. This will change, and reality as always will triumph. In the meantime I will start writing now and then.