mental health cat


Welcome to the mental health cat site. In the physical world, my name is Jon. In the real world I travel under the usernames j0ni and mhcat.

I’m working at decoupling myself from the “5 megasites dressed in a trenchcoat” industrial complex, as well as the high speed comms world in general. Thus, you will not find me on the socials, and I heartily discourage the use of Github, Slack, Zoom, or any service which launders your thoughts and code and presents them as their own using LLMs.

You can occasionally find me hanging out on IRC (network:, nick: mhcat), and there are some leftover droppings on gopher to be found at

  • gopher://
  • gopher://

I keep code at Sourcehut, and commend that site to you. The founder is a principled hacker with exceptionally solid values; I am very happy have jumped onto his train early.

I am also a serial immigrant and ADHD victim, with much education and many opinions. Other than my family, I’ve never finished a project in my life. Actually, that sounds a bit iffy doesn’t it? They’re still alive.

I live in Toronto, write code when I’m working and often when I’m not. If you would like to exchange words, know more about me, or hire me, you can email me at or check out my resume.