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Fossil Fuel Pipelines - Why No Explosions?

Why is nobody blowing up pipelines?

I started reading the Andreas Malm book, mis-titled “How to Blow Up a Pipeline”, and though I got stuck on the simpleton’s definition of “moral pacifism” (clearly a straw man) I agree in principle with the argument that it is time for a new approach.

So why is it? There are maps of pipelines on the internet, and there are hundreds of thousands of miles of them; a more gentle form of sabotage should be totally viable. There are some folks who have tried things like this, but not many. The two activists in the US who went to jail for sabotage are the most compelling recent example I’ve read about.

Surely at this point we should be seeing private jet hangars exploding, pipelines going offline several times a day, SUVs being rendered un-drivable pretty much at least once a week. Why isn’t this happening? Is it time for the 99% to just learn to die quietly and with gratitude to the ruling class?

Something is blocking such actions, and I’m not sure that the answer is a straightforward one. I think it may be closely related to one of the largest achievements of capitalism, having convinced the exploited that they are temporarily embarrassed exploiters. Or maybe it is related to the fact that capital does not believe the end of fossil fuels is coming. This is the strongest clear indication that the ruling classes are not interested in change, but it is also an expression of an elaborate self-deception in the general population.

Anyone who observes the reality on the ground, as contrasted with the rhetoric of climate activists, or even the rhetoric of nation state leadership, cannot possibly believe that pacifism is in any useful sense succeeding at its objective of ending fossil fuel use. So what do you suggest?